Nutralyfe Garcinia Cambogia Herbs FAQ’s

Nutralyfe Garcinia Cambogia Herbs FAQ’s
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1. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia helpful in controlling appetite?

Serotonin level regulates hunger and other feelings in our body. Garcinia helps in increasing the serotonin level in the body and control appetite effectively.

2. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia good for hormonal conditions?

Yes, it is. But we would recommend you to take a free consultation from our nutrition expert at first to ensure that it eradicate your problem safely.

3. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women have different requirements. In this case, we won’t recommend it for them.

4. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia good for controlling diabetes?

Garcinia is proven supplement that effectively controls high blood sugar level and helps us to regulate diabetes.

5. How to take Garcinia doses?

Garcinia is recommended to take twice daily. 1 capsule should be consumed before 30 minutes of breakfast and the other one before 30 minutes of taking dinner. The ideal recommendation, of course, depends on the condition of the problem but mostly it suggested up to 3 months.

6. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia certified?

Yes. Garcinia is FSSAI certified supplement.

7. Do I follow diet along with the dosage?

Garcinia can be consumed with diet or without following any diet. But if you will follow the diet and maintain your lifestyle according to the recommendation, it will definitely perk up the result.

8. Is Nutralyfe Garcinia safe for Liver and Kidney?

If you are taking recommended dosage as per the advice of the expert and you are not having any major issue, then Garcinia can be taken at any age. But for the major issue, expert nutritionist consultation is recommended.

9. How fast it shows the result?

If you are combining the dosage with diet and modification, it will perk up the result and you will start seeing the change in 1 and half month.

10. Recommended doses of HCA for Weight Loss

Above 60% of HCA is considered as a sufficient for weight loss. Recommended dosage 1500mg per day